Market penetration

We know the territory and the customers, you don't have to develop a customer base from scratch the way a factory sales force might. We offer you an instantly benefit from SSMĀ“s  past history and current activities. We provide  your company with territorial offices and a myriad of support services.  Our presence in Mexico represents that your company has presence with customers  within a short drive, local call gives you the "home court" advantage in selling.


SSM personnel has already the experience needed! It costs less to train and comes up to speed faster. While a factory salesperson may be on the way up or down the corporate ladder, SSM is well-established in our market areas. Remains  focused  on  providing  an  exceptional  standard of  service  based  on  their  interpersonal  communication  and negotiation  skills,  the  ability  to  influence  decisions  and  to develop positive (internal and external) relationships.

Representatives Invest

The manufacturers' representative has the advantage of multiple lines and can afford better people and more training investment because it is split among multiple sources of income, we use incomes to have  employees  that  enjoy  being  part  of  a  productive team to  get  success  under  high  pressure  and  challenge  working environments.


Going to Mexican market thru SSM costs to your company is less than fielding a factory sales force here.

Compatible lines

Your company can benefit of our current compatible lines and the synergy  that could pull your  product into a sale.

We are part of your Marketing Department

SSM provides essential marketing intelligence and feedback to you. Our experience becomes yours!, due our Multiple-line exposure provides representative organizations that give us a unique perspective in the marketplace.  Leads are followed, and marketing support is provided by your reps.